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All verses containing Strong's Hebrew word number G3358
Book Verses
Matthew 7:2, 23:32
Mark 4:24
Luke 6:38
John 3:34
Romans 12:3
2 Corinthians 10:13
Ephesians 4:7, 4:13, 4:16
Revelation 21:17
μέτρον , neuter noun, metron — a measure (value 565)
G3358, μέτρον métron, met'-ron; an apparently primary word; a measure ("metre"), literally or figuratively; by implication, a limited portion (degree):—measure.
  1. measure, an instrument for measuring

    1. a vessel for receiving and determining the quantity of things, whether dry or liquid

    2. a graduated staff for measuring, a measuring rod

    3. proverbially, the rule or standard of judgment

  2. determined extent, portion measured off, measure or limit

    1. the required measure, the due, fit, measure

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