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Book Verses
Joshua 20:7, 21:32
1 Kings 9:11
2 Kings 15:29
1 Chronicles 6:76
Isaiah 9:1
גָּלִיל , masculine noun, proper locative noun, galiyl — a cylinder, rod, circuit, district, also a district in Palestine (value 73)
H1551, גָּלִיל Gâlîyl, gaw-leel'; or (prolonged) גָּלִילָה Gâlîylâh; the same as H1550; a circle (with the article); Galil (as a special circuit) in the North of Palestine:—Galilee.
  1. Galilee = "circuit, district"

    1. a territory in Naphtali largely occupied by heathen; a circuit of towns around Kedesh-Naphtali, in which were situated the 20 towns given by Solomon to Hiram king of Tyre as payment for his work in conveying timber from Lebanon to Jerusalem

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