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Book Verses
Exodus 21:13
2 Kings 5:7
Psalm 91:10
Proverbs 12:21
אָנָה , verb, ʾana — to be opportune, to meet, encounter opportunely (value 56)
H579, אָנָה ʼânâh, aw-naw'; a primitive root (perhaps rather identical with H578 through the idea of contraction in anguish); to approach; hence, to meet in various senses:—befall, deliver, happen, seek a quarrel.
  1. to meet, encounter, approach, be opportune

    1. (Piel) to allow to meet, cause to meet

    2. (Pual) to be sent, be allowed to meet

    3. (Hithpael) to seek occasion (quarrel), cause oneself to meet

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