The Lost Codices of Pakal
After these 22 cycles each of 52 years, then another prophetic round of 13 Heavens and 9 Hells will be open, but this time each cycle will last only 360 days for the total of 7,920 days, then it will come the time of 40 days and 40 nights for the time redemption, you will be tested, and then after all of this again for another 1,260 days, then you will need to redeem yourself for another period of only 60 days, if you keep yourself faithful to the divine time, then you will have the opportunity to see the end of the cycle. Learn from my knowledge brothers and sisters, find the truth behind the voice of my spirit, because I am Pakal son of Kan Bahlum Mo and Queen Sak Kuk, I proclaim myself to be the messenger of the time cycles, and remember that all my numbers are secret for those who can understand it. Once that I had gone you will see clear signs and you will be tested, so learn of my knowledge and be one with the eternal light that lies within us.

Gaspar, W. (2011). The World Tree

7920 days

40 days

1260 days

60 days